Our 2nd Annual Online Rescue Dog Show Webmuttster
Rescue Dogs, Shelter Dogs and Strays are eligible to enter.

The Rescue/Shelter dog(s) may be a foster too.


Click for Entry form.

Paypal donation for entry fee only $5.00 please state on paypal Web Donation. Forward your paypal receipt to Ande33@aol.com
A percentage of the proceeds will go towards the top 4 placing dogs shelter/rescue. If you have given a stray a home you must designate a shelter/rescue to receive the proceeds if your dog should place.
The categories
Best In Show

Most Photogenic
Biggest Ham
Best Rescue Survivor
Best Rescue Athlete (agility/dog tricks)
Best Canine Citizen (therapy dogs)
Best Dressed - 2 Winners in this category
1 male 1 female this is a fun category for the little girlies and boys who  like to dress up.
FuFoo dogs they are called:)
Honorable Mention

The rules
One picture of your dog entered.(no double exposures or etc)
Submit photo, entry form, and paypal receipt to Ande33@aol.com
You can enter your dog(s) from 1/1/07 - 2/09/07
Please check to make sure all info is in your bio and any changes you would like made to your dogs bio.
On 2/11/07 the Judging begins
The Judges bio & info will be listed on the Judge's page
There will not be any Judge's from Pap911

The winners will be announced on 2/14/07
We will be drawing door prizes once a week for the all the contestants entered each week for extra fun.

The prizes will be small items either for dog or owner.
There are prizes for each category , You will find them on the prize page.
This is an opportunity  for other shelters and rescues to learn about each other and their dogs.  You have the chance to make some funds for your rescues/shelters if your dog places and some great prizes for your dog.  This year we have added categories some serious ones and some for fun.
Last year we had a great turn out and hoping for even more contestants.
We learned a great deal and are very thankful to all those that supported Webmuttster.
Each year we add categories and make improvements.
Media covering this event.
Animal Radio is covering the event. 
Animal News.info for people who care about animals Online Magazine are running press releases.

Webmuttster was started as a fundraiser for our group and to share some of the proceeds with other rescues/shelters.  It was also a way to have a little fun.  Although, rescue is a very serious topic the thought was to put  some fun in what we do.

It is also a way to learn about other rescues and their dogs and that info is
invaluable.  The more we know about each other the more the animals benefit.

Sometimes with Rescue we become so focused on our goals and group, we do not have the time to explore other rescues and their issues. Since we can learn a great deal from each others experiences this has given us some insight into that.  Each time a contestant enters we like to have the rescue or shelter web site listed at the end of their bio, this gives the opportunity for people to go and read about the rescue.

In Rescue we need to support each other and we appreciate those who have helped us.  We support our Rescue partners and will help in anyway we can if you are having a fundraising event and you would like it sent to our group please send the info to me.  Ande33@aol.com


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